Yellow and White pages at your fingertips

Via 411-Portal you get FREE online access to up-to-date telephone databases of the United States of America.


Availability of features may differ between platforms.

Directory searches
Find telephone numbers and addresses of persons and companies with a few taps on your screen.
Reverse search
Search on the telephone number and get the corresponding name and address.
Notification *NEW*
Automatically perform a reverse search on unknown incoming calls so you can see who is calling you or whose call you missed. (Currently only available on Android.)
Address book
Insert the information you find into the address book of your mobile device.
Address location
Pass the address you find to your map application.
Call integration
Directly call the telephone number you find.


411-Portal is currently available on iTunes and Google play.

Donna Carter Donna Carter

December 15, 2014: Great to not have to pay 2.00 every time I need a phone number. So simple to use.

Virginia Hill Virginia Hill

May 26, 2016: Finding people Most people has cel phone's I wish you have those.

Chris Goodell Chris Goodell

 July 16, 2014: Awesome This app is the only free way I have found to get a phone number     

Marty Garza Marty Garza

March 1, 2015: 411 Awesome app! Love it!!!

Michael Worth Michael Worth

August 21, 2015: Greater Gets the numbers you or I need!!

kevin dumpprope kevin dumpprope

May 27, 2015: Perfect.

Joann Bateman Joann Bateman

March 21, 2014: Jojo This app is the bomb diggity

Reggie Coleman Reggie Coleman

July 21, 2017: It works fine for me.

Sarah Ziemke Sarah Ziemke

April 27, 2013: PERFECT! Every time I need a number this is all I dial.

Craig Kantrud Craig Kantrud

April 11, 2015: My new favorite app! Easy to use, fast, and effective

Pamela Williams Pamela Williams

May 2, 2014: Extremely helpful.

donald hager donald hager

October 8, 2015: i aint had any problems with it used it a bunch great and easy to use

Thomas Kendall Thomas Kendall

January 21, 2015: Awesome Found phone number couldn't find in phone book

Brad Varon Brad Varon

June 13, 2016: Great

M. A. Griesser M. A. Griesser

April 24, 2014: It's an alright app.

Bud Wirth Bud Wirth

December 16, 2012: Awesome Even found a cell number

Teena R Estrada Teena R Estrada

July 2, 2014: Very helpful

Anthony Gibbs Anthony Gibbs

 April 29, 2014: This Free 411 is the bomediggy I love it why pay most 2.00 when you don't have too. Excellent I recommend everyone to get this app  

Alfred Hill  Alfred Hill

August 12, 2015: 411 app Great app

Sweet Ironi Sweet Ironi

April 20, 2016: Works better than other apps I've tried Easy to use

Megan O'Connell Megan O'Connell

May 11, 2016: Luuv Luv luv

 Cricket Veazey Cricket Veazey

August 3, 2016: Found it 1st try I've used it once & it found the listing on first try! YP had the wrong #. I'm going to keep using it.

Joseph Bondi Joseph Bondi

October 8, 2016: Simple and Quick White pages app sucks. White pages quickly locates the people I search for then offers to sell me dirt on them. And it never tells me the simple info I ask for. This app does. And 411 Portal does not take up a lot of space.

Bonnie Shipley Bonnie Shipley

August 30, 2014: Love it This app really works, and it's free ! How great is that? ;-p

Michael Ryce  Michael Ryce

January 13, 2016: Thank you! Great app - gets the number every time!


August 19, 2014: With cricket wireless in transition and no 411 this app is excellent and since I use my smartphone for everything being out on the road I always find what I am searching 4 !!! thx Great app

Brenda Gann Brenda Gann

July 27, 2017: I Absolutely ? This App. It not only gives you the phone number, It also gives you the address! I think that makes this App Double AWESOME!!! Thanks 411!!!


September 14, 2014: Great so far Thanks for the help....so far so good!!!! :)

Sandra Rodden Sandra Rodden

June 1, 2015: 411 portal

Misha Span Misha Span

August 27, 2014: Its str8

Gregorio Guttadauro Gregorio Guttadauro

December 12, 2016: Good app Great

Aaron Newton Aaron Newton

September 30, 2014: It just found a number I couldn't even find on the internet, so in that regard thanx.

Bradley Payne Bradley Payne

June 19, 2014: When all else fails! If I can't find what I'm looking for anywhere else, I can almost always find it with this app.

Michael Worth Michael Worth

May 23, 2016: Good As It Gets!! ?

Christy Bunch Christy Bunch

November 30, 2015: Very good and useful app Works great. Very helpful.

Deborah Harper Deborah Harper

March 31, 2014: I like it I can find any one or any place

Adamn Herrrington Adamn Herrrington

April 19, 2015: Awesome

Beatrice De Ases Beatrice De Ases

January 20, 2015: 411 Portal I love it.

Tim Benton Tim Benton

November 19, 2014: Good app! Area Code search would be a good addition

Isiah Henry Isiah Henry

June 20, 2014: 411 portals

Marilyn Driver Marilyn Driver

February 26, 2015: Great App.

Nancy Blaney Nancy Blaney

February 11, 2015: Excellent! Found exactly what I wanted & very quickly!

Danisha Garvin Danisha Garvin

March 6,2015: Good app Pretty good app.. There is no number that I haven't been able to find!! Kudos

Dan Stohler Dan Stohler

January 1, 2015: This is a great application!...Kudos to a developer that actually gets it right!!

I'm GOD'S Child Murff I'm GOD'S Child Murff

May 14, 2016: Love This App Great app 2 use Thanks everyone

 Kim Howell Kim Howell

August 1, 2016: Good app for looking up addresses on the go!

Kevin Phillips Kevin Phillips

August 7, 2014: Love it Easy to use for an old guy like me. Highly recommend this app. to everyone.

Anthony Ellis Anthony Ellis

April 14, 2015: Five Star applicatuon Caller ID number

Skyler Haracore Skyler Haracore

August 19, 2014: Grreeeaaattt Perfect

Checkina Coulibaly Checkina Coulibaly

October 31, 2013: Cool.

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July 17, 2014: 411 portal Awesome App!! So many great options and does what it says! Thank you!

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July 22, 2014: I think this app is great! Easy to use.

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August 2, 2016: Love this app Really helpful!

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August 10, 2015: Gamba Worked very well and quickly

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August 20, 2014: Sweet In a bind? No phone book or net conection? Get this! Saved the day.

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January 31, 2015: Great little app Phone number for free

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April 18, 2015: Very helpful Like everything about the app...

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April 4, 2015: Great.

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August 2, 2014: Best 411 app I have used

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